5 Early Diabetes Signs You Should Know About


Do you know how to spot early signs of diabetes? This may be useful if you have any of the diabetes risk factors of if you know someone how may. If you detect the following 5 early signs of diabetes, it’s time to go to your doctor to be checked.


1. Increased thirst and urination

As blood glucose levels rise, the kidneys attept to filter it. If there’s too much glucose in your blood, the kidneys cannot keep up with the work. As a result, the excess glucose is excreted from the body in urine. This leads to chronic dehydration, and you will feel the urge to drink more.


2. Increased hunger

If you’re insulin resistant (type 2 diabetes) or just lack insulin (type 1 diabetes), your body can’t store glucose in your cells, which is needed for energy. As a result, you need to eat more to counter the lack of calories.

3. Weakness and fatigue

This sign is due to the innability of the body to process and store glucose in the cells. The body does not have the energy to function properly.


4. Unexpeted weigh tloss

When your body is excreting glucose due to its inability to process it (see #1), it is not being stored as energy. Reducing the absoption of glucose and calories results in weight loss. It’s important to not that this form of weight loss is not healthy, it is a sign of disease.


5. Tingling or numbness

This is known as diabetic neuropathy. It’s the damage to the nerves that arrises as high blood glucose levels are elevetated. It interferes with nerve signals. It’s common that neuropathy starts with extremities, especially the feet.

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