5 Veggie Blogs to Turn Your Diabetes Around

Endless recipes ready to explore.


Haven’t you heard that a vegan or vegetarian diet is among the best for diabetes?

It’s true. US News and World Report says so, and that is pretty much the ultimate seal of approval.

Type 2 diabetes can be tame through a healthy diet and moderate exercise. A vegan or vegetarian diet, often nicknamed a veggie diet, can help you do just that. More than just skipping out on meats and dairy products, these kinds of diets often focus on plant-based foods that are all natural and full of nutrients.

Don’t be discouraged, though. There are so many delicious recipes to explore. With these blogs, I bet that you will find plenty of delicious meals to enjoy. And trust me, they’re good. As a veggie myself, these are my go-to blogs to find delicious recipes.

#1 My New Roots

Whenever I browse Sarah’s blog, I feel as if I’m whisking up something absolutely decadent in a country home, supplied only by my own vegetable garden. Of course, this isn’t the case, but her recipes make me feel as if it is so. What ends up happening is I have a delicious meal and feel really good about it all. Plus, it’s super healthy.

#2 Naturally Ella

Ella is super popular on Instagram, mostly for her amazing photos and approachable recipes. No matter what I am craving, I am certain to find something satisfying on her recipe list. Take a look and try not to bookmark absolutely everything that you see.

#3 Oh She Glows

This has been one of my favorite blogs for years. Her recipes are simple, straightforward, and use ingredients that you can easily find at the grocery store. Don’t know where to start? Check out her amazingly easy (and so, so delicious) vegan enchiladas with cilantro avocado cream sauce.

#4 Green Kitchen Stories

This green kitchen is full of love and beautiful photography that you’ll forget that you’re perusing a food blog. Instead (if you’re like me), you’ll get lost in their stories of their totally charming, yet totally normal lives. As for the recipes, they find a way to make even the simplest of ingredients seem gourmet. In this way, this blog is perfect for those that are a little bit skeptical of a veggie diet.

#5 The Full Helping

Gena, a certified nutritionist, is the author behind The Full Helping. Over the years, her blog has transformed tremendously. She started out writing a fully raw food blog while she was in post-bac school before becoming a certified nutritionist. Today, her blog boasts her hard work, dedication, and absolute love of good food. Her writing is heart-warming, and her food is delicious. It’s as if she remembers what it’s like to be a busy person with no time to obsess over difficult recipes, so she brings you pretty simple recipes that are also equally delicious.


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Marquis is a freelance writer currently living in Ecuador. She contributes to health blogs as well as writes about her experiences as an expat in Ecuador. Her background is in Psychology but she has left that behind to write, on the road.