Diabetes and Sex – 4 Tips for Keep the Spark Going

Do a little dance, make a little loveā€¦ check your blood sugar.


It is no secret that diabetes affects every area of your life. Some of its impact is mundane, such as whether or not you really ought to have that third slice of cheese for your snack or opt for a carb-heavy option instead. Other are enormous, like having to go through the process of islet transplantation procedures done with the hope of a lasting change.

One area in which diabetes can have a significant impact is sex. While it is not often discussed freely, diabetes is a part of your life in every way, and it can have a hand in shaping and coloring your sexuality.

How Sex Differs with Diabetes

Although some people with diabetes do not experience drastic changes in their sex lives, there are a few key changes, the simplest of which is the need to check your blood sugar as you would before or after exercise. Sex is a wonderful method to get your required exercise in, but its function as a form of exercise can make keeping your blood sugar stable a bit tricky.

Circulatory issues can be a part of sex with diabetes, as many men and women experience issues. This can lead to erectile dysfunction in men and difficulty lubricating and becoming aroused in women.

Although your sex life may be different than your pre-diabetes days, there are things you can do to keep your sex life interesting, safe, and fun.

#1. Keep Your Numbers Down

High blood sugar, high blood pressure, and all of the in-betweens can not only make your sex drive disappear, but they can also make arousal and subsequent reactions unstable and difficult to incur. Keeping your blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight in safe, comfortable levels will help keep your mental and sexual health high.

#2. Talk to Your Doctor

If you are experiencing trouble in the bedroom due to your diabetes, talk to your doctor! Although it may seem strange, discussing any changes or difficulties in your condition could reveal trouble with your medication or blood sugar levels. Your doctor may also have ideas for changes in medicine or routine that can give you your sex life back.

#3. Bring Sexual Aids to Bed

When all else fails, bring outside aids into the bedroom. Whether you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and need a Viagra prescription, lubrication due to issues with dryness, or a vibrator to intensify sensation due to nerve damage, having help is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. It can expose you to ideas or practices you would never have considered.

#4. Learn and Re-Learn Yourself

Sexuality and sexual tastes and preferences change over time, just as your body changes over time. Make a priority of learning your likes, dislikes, and needs, and relearn those likes, dislikes, and needs every couple of months. If you need to make a change due to your diabetes, knowing your preferences will make the transition smoother and simpler.


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