Is Red Wine Good for Diabetes?


Red wine is the drink many love. It’s perfect at dinner, while having a drink with friends, even when cuddled up binge watching a series on Netflix. By the way, as a side note: Netflix just released the 5th season of “Orange Is The New Black”. Anyway, back to wine, did you know that it can have some beneficial effects for type 2 diabetes?

A not-so-recent-but-still-relevant two-year study suggests that drinking red wine moderately with dinner may improve cholesterol levels in people with well-controlled type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the same effects were not seen in subjects drinking white wine or plain water. Not to say you should not drink water.


Diabetes and wine

Two hundrend and twenty four people with type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned about a half cup or either red wine, white wine, or water with dinner for two years. None of the participants were drinkers prior to the study. They were also assigned to follow the Mediterranean diet, but were not told how many calories to consume.

A couple of years after the study, the subjects who drank red wine had an increase of 9.8% in HDL (good) cholesterol. Those who drank only water or white wine did not.

The study gives supportive evidence for the benefits of red wine. However, questions arise on the topic:

  • What’s the optimal amount of red wine?
  • Why didn’t white wine have the same effect?
  • Which kind of red wine works the best?
  • Should you drink more wine than water?

To the last one, I’d say no. Drinking water is definitely the healthiest option in many aspects, but red wine has its benefits. A balance must be found. But, above all consume alcohol responsibly.

Bottoms up!

Juan has worked in various fields of biology. His research history spans from studying DNA damage by pesticides, to the study of proteins to break down vegetable waste to potentially use it as an energy source. He likes camping, Mexican food, photography, and cats.