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4 Tips to Prevent Diabetes in Children

4 Tips to Prevent Diabetes in Children

tips to prevent diabetes

Only a few decades ago, type 2 diabetes was nowhere near as common as it is today. In fact, it was known as “adult-onset diabetes,” which indicates that it most often struck adults. Yet, more and more teens are experiencing the symptoms of this disease. It can even affect kids. These four tips to prevent diabetes will help you lower your child’s risk of developing this condition.

1. Serve them a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will satiate your kid’s appetite and ensure they don’t feel hungry before lunch. This is especially important because kids like to eat sweets between meals. But after a nice and balanced breakfast, your child will have no trouble waiting until lunch to have their next meal.

2. Cut Down on Sugar

Kids love sugary treats, but parents know very well that they do more harm than good. As such, one of the key tips to prevent diabetes is to cut down on sugar. If your kid loves sweet beverages, prepare them a homemade fruit juice or whip up a fruit shake in the blender. Also, limit their access to chocolate and other sweet treats.

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3. Get Some Exercise

Physical exercise boosts your kid’s metabolism and regulates their blood sugar levels. What’s more, it also helps them develop healthy living habits that will serve them well later in life. If they are reluctant to take up exercise, you can turn it into a fun activity for the whole family. After all, you can benefit from it, too.

4. Talk to Your Kid

No list of tips to prevent diabetes would be complete without this one. You see, it’s important to always talk to your kids honestly. Explain to them why you don’t let them eat sweets as often as their friends do. Also, make sure they understand that you’re doing it for their own good.


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