5 Foods That Can Make Blood Glucose Control Easier

foods that can make blood glucose control easier

Diabetes management can seem like an uphill battle. Careful planning when it comes to diet, drugs, and exercise is essential. But, the good news is, there are foods that can help to make your life a little easier. In this article, we list five foods that can make blood glucose control easier.

As the number of people suffering from diabetes is on the rise, much research is available in this area too.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A recent study has indicated that apple cider vinegar increases insulin sensitivity while also reducing the number of blood sugar spikes. Both, type 2 diabetes and prediabetes sufferers reaped those benefits, especially after eating starchy foods.


In a 2012 study, scientists discovered that garlic can help to lower blood sugar levels. The only thing is that the amounts used in this study were well above what you’d be able to eat.

Peanut Butter

Protein-rich peanut butter can also help diabetics, so a study in Brazil concluded. Other studies also pointed to how peanuts can help with diabetes management. Hence, we just had to include it on our list of 5 foods that can make blood glucose control easier.


No doubt, eggs are among the healthiest foods, promoting the good functioning of the heart, helping to maintain your ideal weight as well as working to protect your eyes. But are eggs among the foods that can make blood glucose control easier?

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The answer must be resounding “yes,” as one study indicated that eggs helped to promote healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Red Wine

There’s even more good news! Red wine has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels. When you drink red wine, it stops the intestines absorbing the sugars.

This is our list of 5 foods that can make blood glucose control easier, so it’s worth making them part of your diet plan, just discuss any dietary changes with your doctor first.

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