5 Tips to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

control your blood sugar levels

When diabetes strikes, it takes a lot of dedication to relieve its effects on your health. Of course, you’ll need meds to stabilize your blood pressure and keep the cholesterol in check. But there are also some extra steps you can take to control your blood sugar levels.

1. Find Natural Sources of Carbs

Some popular diets ask you to cut down on carbs and focus on other nutrients instead. But a well-balanced diet is the key to health, and you can’t have it without carbs. They help satiate your hunger and also provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and fibers. You’ll find carbs in bananas, berries, sweet potatoes, and oranges.

2. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a good way to control your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar is high, you will need to urinate more often than you usually do. As such, drinking water will also help prevent dehydration.

3. Add Vinegar to Your Salad

After you’ve had a meal, your blood sugar rises. But vinegar postpones the digestion of starch, which helps keep your blood sugar in check after you’ve eaten. To get the most out of it, add it to your salad and eat it before you move on to the main course.

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4. Be Active During the Day, Sleep at Night

Sleep is necessary for your body to produce the hormones that help keep your heart healthy. But to be able to sleep at night, you need to be active during the day. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble falling asleep, which will leave you fatigued the next day. Try to exercise every day at least for a few minutes. Also, go to bed early to make sure you’ll get eight hours of sleep during the night.

5. Stick to a Schedule

Skipping meals will cause your blood sugar to rise, which will only make your problems worse. To control your blood sugar levels, develop an eating schedule and stick to it each day. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of overeating, which will then boost your blood glucose levels as a result.


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