Best and Worst Food Choices for Diabetics


Although diabetes is quite a common condition, one that millions of people suffer from, you would be surprised to learn how many people are actually not aware of what foods should and shouldn’t consume when being diagnosed with this condition. If you are in this situation yourself, acquiring some insights on what foods you should include in your diet and what you should cut out might help you:

Foods to Avoid

White bread and pastries

Everything that has to do with bread and pastries is a must-not for diabetics. White bread can be rapidly digested and turned into glucose, meaning your body will be perceiving it as pure sugar. The same goes for pastry based foods, which as delicious as they may be, they are also full of carbs, fat and thus calories.

Sugary beverages

Because you should stay away from anything that contains sugar, this includes sugary beverages. Being high in carbs and loaded with fructose, which can trigger various complications with your condition, sugary drinks promote obesity altogether.

Trans fats

Industrial trans fats are highly unhealthy in general, being linked to belly fat and insulin resistance. As people with diabetes, consuming trans fats increases your risk of facing a heart disease.

Packaged foods and snacks

Whether it’s a bag of chips or a frozen premade meal, packaged foods found at the supermarket should be entirely avoided by people with diabetes. These type of meals contain a high caloric percentage, and a wide list of unhealthy ingredients and preservatives, which harm the body. Although these are to be avoided by people in general, they become even more dangerous to consume by people living with diabetes.

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Foods to choose

Fatty fish

As long as the fat you consume is a healthy one, including it in your diet is recommended. One example is fatty fish, being a good source of omega 3. Eating fish will benefit your heart health, improve the function of your arteries and protect blood vessel cells.

Green vegetables

Any leafy greens you might find in the supermarket can be part of your daily meals. These types of food are low in calories, not to mention the numerous minerals and vitamins they contain, which can fasten blood sugar level.


If you want to snack on something healthy, you cannot go wrong with nuts. Being low in digestible carbs and high in fiber, the regular consumption of this type of food can be extremely beneficial in lowering blood sugar and reducing inflammation. However, you should find out the recommended serving, to not exceed on your daily calorie intake.

If you have recently discovered that you have diabetes, knowing what your diet should consist of and what you should stay away from is essential. The information mentioned above will help you put together a proper meal plan, and avoid consuming foods that might do you harm. Because this disease can trigger other risks, to stay in a proper condition and avoid facing further complications, you should pay close attention to your food choices.


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