The Causes and Prevention of Diabetic Blisters

causes and prevention of diabetic blisters

As a diabetic, you may be vulnerable to certain skin conditions such as diabetic blisters. That is one of the reasons why it is important to monitor your health. This means understanding the causes and prevention of diabetic blisters and also taking note of the condition of your skin.

Diabetic blisters are like burn blisters and they tend to appear on the arms and lower legs, particularly on hands and feet. Unlike burn blisters, they are painless and tend to heal on their own. Let us look at the causes and prevention of diabetic blisters.


The cause of diabetic blisters is unknown. However, they can be prevented with a few simple routines as listed below. Moreover, some people are more prone to blisters than others. For instance, Candida albicans, a type of yeast that can cause fungal infection, may be the cause of blisters in people who have diabetes. You are also more likely to get diabetic blisters if your blood sugar level isn’t under control. People with diabetic neuropathy, a nerve damage that decreases one’s sensitivity to pain, are also more likely to get blisters. A correlation has also been found to peripheral artery disease.


There are a few simple ways to prevent the development of blisters, or catch them early in order to prevent them from growing. Here are some tips:

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  • Inspect your feet daily for any obscure marks or lesions.
  • Protect the feet with shoes and socks.
  • Wear shoes that fit right, rather than being too loose or tight.
  • Break in new shoes slowly.
  • Protect the hands with gloves in extreme weather conditions and when operating hand tools or machinery that may cause blisters.
  • Use sunscreen when you go out in the sunlight.

Overall some people will be more susceptible to diabetic blisters than others. The best way to prevent them is to look after yourself and maintain good hygiene so you can spot when something is amiss. Understanding the causes and prevention of diabetic blisters is the first step in the process.

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