Diabetes and Depression: A Very Dangerous Combination

Being Diabetic and Depressed: A Very Dangerous Combination

Diabetics have to mind their health more closely, as failure to do so can lead to an array of complications. Among them, being diabetic and depressed: a very dangerous combination. As one condition can make the other worse, managing the two conditions at the same time is a challenge.

Let’s look at the connection between the two and how best to manage both together.

Diabetes and Depression – The Link

Experts in both fields agree, being diabetic and depressed: a very dangerous combination for the following reasons:

  • Sufferers of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from depression because dealing with diabetes may compound the risks.
  • Diabetes complications can worsen the depression
  • Depression may lead to poor lifestyle choices and worsen the diabetes
  • Depression may make it more difficult to manage diabetes because the individual may not be coping

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Now you understand, being diabetic and depressed: a very dangerous combination, but let’s look at how to best manage the two conditions together.

How to Manage Both Diabetes and Depression

Even though being diabetic and depressed: a very dangerous combination, people can still manage both and lead good lives. On the following list, you’ll find the basics you need to get right:

  • Adjust Your Lifestyle and Take Prescribed Medication: Together with your medical team, you’ll design a lifestyle program to help you to manage the two conditions. Taking medication for both may be part of this program.
  • Self-Management for Diabetes: In the same vein, looking at your meal plans and exercise regime for diabetes will give you more tools to deal with both.
  • Counselling/Therapy: Regular visits to a psychologist can also help you to cope better.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a diabetic and feel sad and depressed, discuss your symptoms with your doctor immediately.

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