Early Signs of Acute Diabetes

early signs of acute diabetes

The number of diabetes sufferers is on the rise. Are you are worried you may be suffering from this condition? We’ve put together a list of early signs of acute diabetes. These symptoms indicate that you may be suffering from acute diabetes. If you have one or several symptoms, make sure to seek medical advice.

You Are Always Thirsty and Going to the Toilet More Often

Healthy individuals pee about 4 to 7 times a day. However, because the blood sugar levels in diabetics is higher, the kidneys may not be able to pass the glucose back to the body as it passes. As a result, the body takes on more fluids, and you need to drink more.

Dry Mouth and Skin

Because your body needs more fluids to urinate, less is available to the rest of the body, including the skin and mouth. Having a dry mouth and itchy skin is one of the early signs of acute diabetes.

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Blurred Vision

Again, this goes back to the fluid levels in your body. As levels go up and down, your eyes may change shape and no longer be able to focus as you normally would.

You Are Always Hungry and Tired

After you eat, your body takes the glucose from the food and passes it on to your cells as energy. But the body needs insulin to do that. In diabetes sufferers, insulin levels are either out of sync or the cells resist it. As a result, the glucose never gets to your body, hence you are tired and hungry all the time.

Your Cuts Heal Very Slowly

High blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage, which reduces your body’s ability to heal.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself suffering from any of the above early signs of acute diabetes, make sure to seek medical advice straight away.

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