Does Eating Too Much Red Meat Increase Your Risk of Diabetes?

red meat increases your risk of diabetes

If you are cutting into a nice, juicy steak every night you may be putting yourself at risk. Eating too much red meat in your diet can cause a multitude of health problems. But, now you can add another risk to the list. Eating too much red meat increases your risk of diabetes.

According to a recent study, a higher intake of red meat and poultry in a diet was found to increase risks of diabetes. But, people who ate fish and shellfish did not have the same increased risks.

Researchers found that people who ate the highest amount of red meat had a 23% higher risk of diabetes. While a likewise consumption of poultry is associated to 15% more increase in the risk of diabetes compared to those who ate little poultry. Researchers also noted that replacing meat with shellfish and fish reduced the risk.

An increased intake in heme iron is associated to the increased risk of diabetes in this case of meat consumption. Heme iron is a dietary iron found in animal products. Though you can consume non-heme iron from plants, it is not as easily digestible.

Heme iron is not the only culprit, however, that is responsible for the risk increase when eating red meat. Though, researchers are still investigating what the other component could be.

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That is not to say that you should eliminate red meat from our diet completely. But, it is a reminder to be more aware of the types of meat you put into your daily meals and the quantities.

Final Thoughts

While this information that red meat increases your risk of diabetes, is significant to the way you make your daily meal plans, it should not scare you away from red meat completely. It should be a reminder for you to replace some of your red meat portions with seafood from time to time.

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