How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity Naturally

How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity Naturally

Insulin is crucial for your entire metabolism because it controls your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are high, the pancreas produces and secretes insulin. If the fat or muscle cells in your body are insulin sensitive, they can absorb the glucose and use it for energy. In that sense, insulin sensitivity relates to how much insulin the cells need to get glucose. If you’re insulin sensitive, you need a small amount, whereas if you’re insulin resistant, you need a lot of insulin. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes are often insulin resistant. This article examines how to increase insulin sensitivity naturally.

1. Exercise

Research has shown that exercise is a great way to increase your insulin sensitivity. By how much and for how long it increases your insulin sensitivity depends on the exercise type.

2. Sleep More

If you get more sleep, your insulin sensitivity goes up, whereas if you don’t get enough, it’ll go down, a study has indicated.

3. De-Stress

Studies have shown that stress and stress hormones (cortisol) can reduce insulin sensitivity, hence, destressing has the opposite effect.

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4. Eat Soluble Fibers, Fruit, and Vegetables

Soluble fibers have been shown to decrease insulin resistance in some studies. At the same time, eating more fruit and vegetables can also help to increase your insulin sensitivity.
These are just some of our tips on how to increase insulin sensitivity naturally.

Final Thoughts

Eating fresh fruit and vegetable must be central to how to increase insulin sensitivity naturally. Scientists have emphasized the ill-effects of processed and refined foods on insulin sensitivity, so it’s best to steer clear of them.

No doubt, there are countless ways to increase insulin sensitivity through lifestyle and dietary changes.

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