Is Matcha Better for Diabetes than Green Tea?

Matcha may be worth the hype.


When you think of green tea, you usually think of steeped leaves, which are thrown away after the water turns a pleasant shade of green. Green tea boasts a slew of health benefits, among them the possibility of lessening diabetes risk. If green tea is great for diabetes, is matcha even better?

Matcha Versus Green Tea

Matcha is green tea, but the two are administered differently. Rather than steeping the leaves, as you would with green tea, matcha is green tea leaves ground into a fine powder, which are then imbibed whole. The idea that matcha is an improvement over traditional green tea is rooted in the notion that you are getting more of the beneficial nutrients if you consume the entire leaf, rather than drinking the infusion of the leaves.

Matcha tea is typically more expensive than its common counterpart, with some brands running as much as $10 per ounce. This is particularly true of organic options, which run at a premium price. Because the caffeine content is higher, some drinkers find they need less of the powder than they would need for a strong cup of steeped tea.

Is Matcha Better?

Matcha comes with both good and bad when compared to green tea. As users suggest, you do glean more of the beneficial effects of green tea when you consume the entire leaf. Because the leaves are filled with antioxidants, you are taking in a great deal of beneficial properties when you drink matcha.

Conversely, the caffeine content can be far higher ounce-for-ounce, with matcha containing almost as much (or as much) caffeine as a standard cup of coffee. For some, the caffeine boost is not a deterrent, but for men and women with anxiety, the additional caffeine could prove problematic.

Green tea is also said to aid in weight loss, which can be great for diabetes patients, or even pre-diabetes patients. Matcha may not increase the likelihood of losing weight, however, and should not be treated or used as a weight loss supplement.


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The Bottom Line

Like green tea, matcha is a great addition to the arsenal of anyone seeking improved blood pressure, weight loss, and overall health, provided that it is consumed in moderation. Because the caffeine content is higher, matcha should not be consumed in large quantities; like coffee, consuming high amounts can negate or greatly diminish the beneficial attributes of the drink and create problems in your body.


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