Is Metformin the Next Big Thing That’s Already Here?

is Metformin the next big thing

It’s more than 20 years ago since Metformin was approved in the US. Used as an antidiabetic drug for people living with type 2 diabetes, it helps them to respond to insulin as a non-diabetic would. In recent years, Metformin has made the headlines for different reasons. Scientists researching this drug found that it can have several health benefits beyond treating diabetes. So, is Metformin the next big thing?

What Does Metformin Do?

When taking Metformin, people with type 2 diabetes can tolerate their own insulin better. As a result, the liver produces less sugar so that less of it reaches the intestines. Sometimes, physicians prescribe Metformin in conjunction with other drugs. When taken on its own, hypoglycemia isn’t an issue, but it may be one if combined with insulin or other anti-diabetic drugs.

Essentially, Metformin helps type 2 people living with diabetes to maintain steady blood sugar levels.

What Are the Benefits Outside of Diabetes?

But is Metformin the next big thing? Well, research has indicated that this drug may have multiple benefits beyond diabetes control. Scientists discovered Metformin’s anti-cancer properties, with some calling it a wonder drug. In addition, Metformin is also believed to reduce the risk of diabetes in pre-diabetes sufferers as well as reduce the risk of heart disease.

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What Are the Side Effects?

Like all drugs, Metformin has side effects. However, they do not seem all that significant. Because some people may experience gastric issues, the manufacturers launched a slow-release version of this drug.

Final Thoughts

So, is Metformin the next big thing? Well, the research does suggest that it provides multiple benefits, in particular as an anti-cancer drug. It remains to be seen whether physicians across the globe will start prescribing it to non-diabetics.

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