A New Way to Test Blood Glucose Without The Prick

This new device can last up to a week.


Diabetes requires constant blood glucose monitoring, which usually comes via testing with a needle. With a quick prick of the needle, a little bit of blood is drawn and then analyzed.

At least, traditionally.

In some very exciting news, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a product that will allow for needleless glucose testing.

Constant Blood Glucose Monitoring

The new system, cutely named the Flash, is made up of a small plastic sensor and a mobile device. The sensor is placed just below the skin surface and analyzes the blood directly. People can insert the sensor themselves with an included applicator.

It takes about 12 hours for the sensor to acclimate to your blood data, though can last up to 10 days. Once inserted, the sensor continuously monitors blood sugar levels until replaced. The data can easily be collected by waving a mobile device over the insert. The data will upload to the device and provide accurate and immediate results.

To replace it, you simply peel the sensor off and stick a new one on.

This device can be absolutely life-saving for many diabetics, particularly those with type 1 diabetes.

It is also especially helpful for those with type 2 diabetes, as many complications from type 2 diabetes can be avoided with stabilized glucose levels.


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Another needleless system already exists, though it requires a doctor’s visit every two weeks. The benefit of this new system is that it comes with an applicator, making it more approachable from home.

This product is fairly new to the US as it was only recently approved by the FDA. The price point hasn’t been set yet, though they typically go for about $70 in Europe. If you’re interested in using this needleless system, talk to your doctor right away.


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