Oregano – Your Diabetes-Fighting Herb


Oregano is an herb that contains essential and very beneficial compounds that can help fight diabetes. Experts believe that the anti-diabetic effects of oregano can even rival prescription anti-diabetic drugs.

Below are some of the compounds found in oregano that can help lower your blood sugar levels and control inflammation.

Rosmarinic Acid

Oreganos are rich in rosmarinic acid. Studies have found that this compound can block a certain type of enzyme called the PEPCK. This enzyme increases glucose production in the organs like the liver. Rosmarinic acid also enhances a certain type of glucose transporter called the GLUT4. This glucose transporter helps glucose enter the skeletal muscles, an important site for the disposal of glucose.

In addition to these properties, rosmarinic acid is also a very powerful antioxidant that reduces the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are known to damage cells and increase insulin resistance, worsening diabetes.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important in the healing process of our cells. It is also an antioxidant that helps control free radical levels. In diabetes, vitamin C helps protect the blood vessels from the damages caused by high blood sugar level.


Oregano also contains essential flavonoids that help improve the metabolism of glucose as well as improve lipid profile. They also help increase insulin secretion as well as reduce inflammation. Chronic, low-grade inflammation has been implicated in the progression and worsening of diabetes since it damages cells and delays their healing process.

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Carvacrol can be found in oregano. This compound not only has anti-inflammatory properties but antibacterial effects as well. This helps reduce inflammation associated with diabetes as well as promote faster healing of wounds.

Oregano has a very strong scent that most people are not used to, but if you want to add this herb to your diabetic diet, you can use either fresh or dried oregano leaves and add them to your dishes. Oregano oil also makes a perfect add-on to your salad dressing.

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