Do Personalized Diets Work Better for Diabetics?

do personalized diets work better for diabetics

Diet plans are vital for people with diabetes because they help them to keep their blood glucose levels in check. But how effective are generic diet plans? Well, a few scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science have come up with a new way to help diabetics with their diet: personalized diet plans. This article explains the background, asking the question, do customized diets work better for diabetics?

Why Personalized Diets?

The scientists involved in this project found that the response to foods varies from person to person. So, if one person has an ice cream, he may end up with entirely different blood sugar levels than if someone else eats the same ice cream.

After working with 800 people and collecting data on over 45,000 meals, these experts developed an algorithm to predict individual blood sugar levels. Including aspects like lifestyle, overall health, and food intake, they were able to define individual dietary requirements.

The study went into enormous detail. For instance, one person’s blood glucose levels would vary after eating the same foods, if the individual had engaged in physical activity before consuming the food.

Because the results were quite astonishing, the same team of scientists is planning on carrying out more research, asking the question, do personalized diets work better for diabetics?

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Final Thoughts

Initial research suggests that it may be necessary to create personalized diets. Some go as far as to say that because this has not been provided before, individuals were not able to control their blood sugar levels adequately. Rather than blaming an individual for failing to stick to a diet, they say that the problem may have been with the diet itself.

Diabetics across the world will watch this space with interest. If these results end up providing improved personalized diets that help diabetics more effectively, it will have been worth it. So, if you’re asking do customized diets work better for diabetics? We’d have to say that it certainly seems that way.

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