Service Dogs for Diabetics?


Have you always wanted to have a dog but you’ve never made up your mind about it? If you’re looking for one more reason, let me tell you that, with the right training, your puppy can become an essential ally in maintaining your sugar level on the right track.

The privileged canine smell has led them to occupy essential roles in rescue missions, bomb, and narcotic detection, and with the proper training, hypoglycemia and sugar peaks through our breath up till 20 minutes before it occurs, long before the glucose meter.

But how does it work?

Well, a service dog starts training from an early age. Since puppyhood, they are oriented to detect chemical changes and odors in their owner’s body.

To do so, a trainer fills bags with his breath in different variations of sugar consumption; then they’re trained to detect organism glycemic changes.

They also teach him how to perceive adrenaline emissions, so they can warn even 20 minutes before there is a drop or rise in blood sugar levels.

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A service dog company will not only provide you an early alert about changes in your blood sugar level. They’ll also bring love, outdoorsy lifestyles changes, anxiety control, and happy wagging tails to your life.

Ok! But what type of dog?

A dog’s breed isn’t relevant almost never, whatever your preference is: lap dogs, rescued dogs or strays, service training starts at two months of age and can last up to 2 years.

Each dog is trained according to the needs and living conditions of the owner. So, if we live alone, they bark, or if we share an apartment, they nudge or whine to alert us of any abnormalities.

During walks, a trained service dog, will push or guide us to a safe place or even bring us our Diabetes Kit when their owner is in danger to suffer a low sugar episode.

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