Tips For Diabetics to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is approaching. A moment of family bliss and reunion, a date on which we celebrate abundance with a grand banquet: Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pecans, the list goes on and on.

If you or one of your loved ones have diabetes, the family feast can include healthy and delicious options that compliment everyone’s palate.

Rules for a healthy banquet

We all know that there’s no such thing as a magical diet of any sort. With Diabetes, each person faces the swings of their sugar levels according to the response of their organism and particular treatment.

However, there are relatively standard rules on how to hold a healthy banquet:

  • Control carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Present low-fat dishes options.
  • Offer controlled portions.

Extra Tips

Keep the balance

During Holidays, many choose to spend the whole day starving waiting for a great night binge. However, if you are Diabetic fasting is not recommended, since it induces low blood sugar.

If this is your case, make sure you have a regular breakfast and lunch, in addition to eating a small snack before dinner.

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Healthy Choices

Choose yams instead of potatoes: Although yams are rich in carbohydrates, they also provide vitamins A and C. Try roasting them without adding extra sugar, the process will highlight its flavor.

Go full or go home

Choose brown rice instead of white, fiber intake will keep you satisfied and keep blood sugar stabilized.

Prepare a salad

Vegetables, nuts, and fruits are excellent options to combine and offer your guests who want to stay on track with their diets.

Portion control

Large plates always give the illusion of being poorly served. On the other hand, smaller plates are more pleasing to our eyes and diets, because they can transport what’s necessary for a person dinner, avoiding the typical holiday’s excesses.

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