How Weather Affects Your Diabetes

how weather affects your diabetes

Although more research is necessary in this area, it’s not just anecdotal evidence that suggests that blood sugar levels depend on the temperature. Scientists from across the globe have established that HbA1c levels were higher in cooler temperatures and lower in the warmer temperatures. While the reasons are as yet unclear, diabetics need to take note. In this article, we examine how weather affects your diabetes.

Why Does the Weather Affect Your Diabetes?

Some scientists believe that during warm weather, the peripheral blood vessels dilate more and thus deliver more insulin and glucose. However, this is just one theory.

In her book, “Survival of the Sickest”, Dr. Sharon Moalem examines the theory that increased sugar levels in cold weather are linked to evolutionary changes. In essence, she believes that the body has adapted to the cold by increasing blood sugar levels.

How Weather Affects Your Diabetes

Each diabetic has unique blood sugar level patterns, so each one has to manage them on that basis. Seeing as the weather has an impact on your blood glucose levels, checking them regularly is essential. This is particularly important during cold and hot spells, when levels may be unusually high or low.

In general, the cold weather seems to elevate blood sugar levels while the opposite applies to high temperatures.

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How to Manage Hot and Cold Weather

The key is to discuss seasonal changes with your doctor so that she/he can help you to manage your blood sugar levels throughout the year. Dehydration during very hot conditions is a much of a problem as naturally rising blood sugar levels during cold weather spells.

No doubt the most important thing is to check your blood sugar levels more frequently as the weather either gets hot or cold.

Final Thoughts

Now you have some information on how weather affects your diabetes. As every diabetic is unique, discussing related issues with your physician is essential.

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